Your Legal, Enforceable Right to Your Access Your Health Information – PART I: Why a Patient’s Right to Access is Important

Patient Rights
When you visit your doctor, you are often asked to sign a “HIPAA” form that the receptionist often explains has to do with protecting privacy.  However, many patients do not realize that the regulations under this important law also gives you, the patient, very important rights with respect to accessing your health information. The Health...
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Ohio Supreme Court Rules Today That A Hospital Cannot Withhold Certain Patient Medical Records By Storing Them Outside Its Medical Records Department

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today in favor of a daughter of a deceased patient who was not originally provided medical records by Aultman Hospital concerning her father’s death because they were allegedly “not part of the medical record” and were not stored in its medical records department. (Griffith v. Aultman Hosp., Slip Opinion No....
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