Jury Awards $15 Million to Child with Birth Defects from Mother’s Use of Depakote During Pregnancy

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Recently, on June 9th, a federal jury in Illinois awarded $15 million in compensation to a California child born with a split spine and spina bifida as a result of his mother’s use of Depakote during pregnancy. (E.G., et. al. v. Abbott Laboratories, 15-cv-00702, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Illinois)  Specifically, the jury found that Depakote’s drug maker, Abbott Laboratories, failed to properly warn the child’s mother and her doctors that its Depakote drug could cause birth defects, including a split spine and spina bifida.  The child has undergone 12 surgeries and is confined to a wheelchair. Depakote is an antiepilepsy drug used to treat a number of conditions.

The child’s lawsuit is one of hundreds pending in the United States against the drug maker for birth defects in children whose mothers used Depakote during pregnancy. The lawsuits allege that the mothers and their doctors were not told of the true dangers to developing fetuses when they were prescribed the medication.  Instead, Abbott downplayed the risk to the fetuses.  As a result, the mothers had no way of knowing that the drug they took during pregnancy would or could result in fetal malformation.

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