For your records, please carefully read the important terms and conditions on this page that you agree to by submitting your information through our online form. If these terms and conditions are not acceptable, you should contact our office at (567) 455-5955 to provide your information.

Emailing Borgess Law, LLC does not create an attorney-client relationship between users of this site and any other party whatsoever. Borgess Law, LLC and Attorney Pamela Borgess will not enter into an attorney-client relationship on-line, through this website, through any other website, or through electronic mail or any other electronic medium. It is our policy to enter an attorney-client relationship only through a written engagement or retainer agreement, and only where doing so would comply with all applicable laws and ethical rules. Further Borgess Law, LLC will not represent you on a new matter until the firm determines that there is no conflict of interest and that it is willing and otherwise able to accept the new engagement.

The prospective client understands and agrees that no attorney-client relationship will be established until the execution of a formal written Retainer Agreement by both the prospective client and the Firm. However, an attorney-client relationship does exist to the limited extent that any communications between the potential client and members of the Firm are protected by the attorney-client privilege. This limited attorney-client relationship is necessary to allow the firm to fully and completely review the prospective client’s case.

By this agreement, the prospective client and the Firm agree that the Firm will undertake no responsibility for the representation of the client until the execution of a formal written Retainer Agreement by both the prospective client and the Firm. For example, the prospective client and Firm agree that the Firm assumes no responsibility for determining and preventing the expiration of any deadlines, including the running of any applicable statute of limitations or status of repose (i.e. the timeframe(s) in which a claim must be brought). The Firm assumes no responsibility to complete the review within any particular period of time. The Firm is under no obligation to take the prospective client’s case and the prospective client is under no obligation to retain the Firm.

The prospective client understands that transmission of information on-line, over the Internet, or through the electronic means can be unstable, unreliable and insecure. There is a risk that information may be intercepted illegally. There may also be a risk of waiving attorney-client and/or work-product privileges that might attach to such communications, even where a proper attorney-client relationship exists.  Therefore, while Borgess Law, LLC respects the privacy of any person who contacts our firm, and we will make reasonable efforts to keep information private, because of the nature of Internet communications and the absence of an attorney/client relationship, we cannot promise or guarantee confidentiality. You are not required, nor should you send confidential or private information or facts via email relating to your legal problem or question in the message box or otherwise.

During the review by the Firm, the prospective client may meet with any other attorneys or other law firms as the prospective client desires. The prospective client may instruct the Firm to cease its review of the case at any time with no obligation to the Firm.

In consideration for the terms outlines in this agreement, the Firm agrees to review this case and the prospective client agrees to allow the Firm to review this case.

The parties agree that the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any action arising out of this agreement or this representation shall be in Lucas County, Ohio.